NGOs Denounce EU Commission Statement

EU Chief Von Der Leyen
Palestinian civil society organizations, undersigned, firmly condemn and reject the recent statement made by the EU Commission President, celebrating Israel's "Independence" day while employing racist anti-Palestinian rhetoric and disregarding Palestinian history and the Nakba atrocities. These remarks deviate from fundamental political and diplomatic principles and shamelessly favor the occupying state, which perpetuates persecution, aggression, and state terrorism against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Hikaye

Palestinian Traditional Songs in Art center of Attara Village. Photos courtesy of UNESCO Ramallah Office.

The Palestinian Hikaye A Unique Narrative Tradition Practiced by Women The Palestinian Hikaye: A Unique Narrative Tradition Practiced by Women The Palestinian Hikaye is an extraordinary narrative tradition exclusively practiced by women. These fictional tales have evolved over centuries and…

Hebron / Al-Khalil Old Town

Architectural details in Hebron Old City
Explore the enchanting Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town, where local limestone beautifully shapes the architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site, dating back to the Mamluk period (1250-1517), offers a captivating glimpse into the past. At the heart of the town lies Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs. This sacred compound, built in the 1st century AD, safeguards the tombs of Abraham/Ibrahim and his family. It has become a revered pilgrimage site for followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.