Other Services

Speaker and Public Engagement Requests

  • Through its extensive network of community partners and volunteers, we welcome the opportunity to present the Palestinian perspective by participating at international conferences, exchange programs, community and academic institutions, and other relevant events. If you would like to request a representative from our experienced pool of professionals of all ages and genders, please contact us at least one month in advance of your program.

Travel Assistance in Palestine

  • Translation services, interpretation, coaching trainees, technical equipment rentals (media and  music), tour guides, accommodation bookings, field research assistants, data analysis and collection, , printing services for scholars, researchers, reporters, academicians, professionals, travelers and tourists.      


  • Provide support, direction, and assistance to journalists, filmmakers, and media students who wish to work or produce in Palestine.
  • Facilitate international organizations to hold seminars or other events on our premises (inclusive of accommodation). 
  • Provide Arabic language courses to interested groups and individuals.
  • Provide itineraries for any fact-finding and study trips to Palestine.    
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