Volunteer Opportunities

I.P.Y.L. Volunteer Project

We provide two types of voluntary work opportunities

Short Term Voluntary (S.T.V)

1-2 months. No specific/ professional skills are required from the volunteer. The placement usually is within an active community and non-for profit organizations. Host community might contribute some basic services to the volunteer. Mentor and supervisor from our organization will follow up the work and well being of the volunteer.

Mid Term Voluntary (M.T.V)

2 – 3 months, mostly customized according to the need of the hosting organization and we match it with the skills of the applicant volunteer. It is usually at a community institutions/organization that is not for profit. The work is not paid and not a labor substitution. Usually these placements require volunteers with special skill that are project/ action specific. Some host organizations/ institutions might provide some basic support to the volunteer (accommodation, food, cultural integration, mentoring services, etc.). Clear work description, technical and logistical details are provided to the volunteer in advance to his/her travel, including upon arrival training/ preparation. Mentor, supervisor and field workers follow up the work development, well being of the volunteer and his/her integration within the society.

International Voluntary Work Camps

Voluntary work camps are an opportunity for internationals to travel to Palestine for a period of one to three weeks to participate in community development projects. Though we do not require volunteers to have a set of skills, they must be willing to develop their character, to build lasting friendships, and to network within the country. An annual work camp directory is developed, published, and promoted through different international voluntary service work camps networks. Click here to learn about these networks. Volunteers who wish to apply must come through a sending organization in their relevant countries.

Currently we are looking for two mid term volunteers to manage our hostel and to administrate our WordPress website and online social media presence. In return the suitable volunteer will be given free food and accommodation and a crash course in the Arabic language and plenty of opportunities to explore and experience daily life in Hebron, Palestine.

Interested persons can email us at: ltv@ipyl.org

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